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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Carnival of the Cats #214

It's time to celebrate the Carnival of the Cats, and this week we've got a lot to celebrate. That's why I've got my beads and mask all ready!

First of all, Happy 2nd Birthday to Audace and Ruse. Leaf through the family album at Momma Grace and Company, and then help them open their presents.

And Happy 3rd Birthday to Delilah, whose BIG Birthday Adventure unfolds at Dr. Tweety's blog. What a brave cat she is!

For Vincent and Mike, it's birthday number one. They say Happy Birfday To Us! and show off their fabulous present.

Meanwhile, at Wine on the Keyboard, the story of Pink and Green unfolds, proving that it takes a family to raise a couple of handsome, happy felines. (A sense of humor helps, too!)

We don't know exactly what they're celebrating at The Poor Mouth, but it looks like several of the celebrants are already deep in their cups.

At Tacjammer, a lot of fur has been flying, which oddly seems to make the humans shout with joy. And before long, it seems there'll be a lot more fur Incoming in this household.

But it doesn't take much to make some felines happy: Miss Abby of Manx Mnews is just glad it's Finally Friday.

At The Scratching Post, K T Cat demonstrates the perfect work ethic. You'd purr too if you had this job!

By the way, have you ever wondered Why do cats purr? Why not ask an expert at HowDoWhy?

The power of positive thinking seems to be right up Henry's alley at Texas Oasis.

Lest we forget that more than one cat is running for President, Cato weighs in with some thoughts on Presidential Peep Toes. No, no no! I am NOT making this up: the candidate did.

Meeyaow offers new verses from the LOL Cat Bible. Ceiling cat, where art thou?

I need to take a little exercise break!

Mog's been busy this week with cat sightings on multiple blogs: Tuxie Tuesday; Flowers And Cats; Flowers And Cat; Meowza is On the lookout; but now we're Done!

At Chickens in the Road, everyone is jubilant about Finding Sugar.

What do cats do when their humans leave the house? Dolphin has the evidence on Feline Friday. (Psst! Some of us don't wait for the humans to leave.)

Did anyone else feel the earthquake in the U.S. Midwest on Friday? Composite Drawlings says Peanut kept cool. But Rocky reports that the crew at Artsy Catsy was pretty shook up.

Earthquakes are nothing, though, compared with another story reported by the Artsy Catsy humans. An Indiana cat-rescue operator is in big trouble. Learn how you can help them at URGENT HELP STILL NEEDED!.

And now for something completely different: a video of The Curiously Awesome Cat Man posted at the curiously named Vat19.com slash Blog.

Some lucky cats get to enjoy A Day Out in the Sun at Nanashi-Inc.

Parker sums up his philosophy in One, Er, Ah, Two Word Wednesday.

Catsynth contrasts the lovely Luna and Geometry.

At No Deep Thoughts, there's a Mystery Kitten.

Sisu weighs in on Pope Benedict's recent visit, illustrated with gorgeous feline pictures: "To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak"; Mugged by Pope Benedict XVI; and George W. Bush, our first Catholic president?.

Are you ready for some heartwarming stories? Read about A Day in the Life of Oscar the Cat at Pet True Stories.

And then there's Moki, who may be physically challenged, but still gets a lot of Sibling Love.

It's Finally Friday with Samantha and Mr. Tigger at Life from a Cat's Perspective.

Uh, oh! Sleeping Mommy is overwhelmed by utter cuteness: Just call her Miss DeeDee, if you please.

For Snow, of Snow and Forest, it's Easy Like Sunday.

All the way from Egypt, Chica and Pumucki explain the Furball Situation.

At StrangeRanger, Ivy and Maddie each claim I was there last!.

Sebastian, of furry paws, goes for the exotic treat: What does that taste like?.

If you like thrilling true stories, Victor Tabbycat tells all about The Continuing Adventchers of Mousifer!

On the other hand, if your idea of perfection is more like a sunny napping place, check out This, That and the Other Thing for Sunday Morning: Sunshine.

Willow also is enjoying a sunny Sunday: Look What I Found.

Apparently China Cat agrees, the best thing in the world is My Purr Pad in the Sunshine.

And now for the big finish: via my human niece Lee, here's a helpful video for clueless cat-owning geeks: the Engineer's Guide to Cats.

Thanks for submitting to the Carnival of the Cats. Next week, the carnival (#215) will be at House Panthers.



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