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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Carnival of Satire gets catty

Over at The Skwib, the Carnival of Satire gets catty, including these posts:

Cato explains the source of his hunting prowess: “Everything I know about killing I learned from Tony Soprano”.

Taking catblogging to a new level, Aloysius [Yes, that's me!] discovered this short (3 min) film: A Puurfect Love. It’s set in Paris, but for some reason the human actors are Scandinavian. (It stars Jixie Junie, who is a cat, not a starlet from the “horizontal entertainment industry”).

Rumor has it that Cato has asked Jixie Junie to be his running mate. What next? Just pounce on over to The Skwib and find out!


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