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Friday, February 06, 2009


Lynx love: send it today

Ever since I first heard the story of the story of Kajeeka and George, two rescued lynx who bonded at the Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota, I have just fallen in love with these two. A donation to the Sanctuary lets you send a unique gift of lynx love to your Valentine. But hurry! You have only until tomorrow, February 7, to order in time for Valentine's Day delivery. Even if you miss that deadline, a donation will help to keep these wildcats and many others safe.

Here's what the Sanctuary website has to say:

Kajeeka, left, and George, right, both Canadian lynx, share an extremely unique bond at the Sanctuary. Both originated from a fur farm and both had health issues due to inbreeding. Right away George let us know that he was Kajeeka’s protector. She arrived deaf and blind in both eyes, so when feeding time came she relied on her hearing and sense of smell. George would always place himself between the keeper and Kajeeka. No matter how close she came to the enclosure wall, he stood on guard, warning us with his low growl.

George came with a bad knee and it soon became hard for him to get around. Knowing how important it was for him to care for Kajeeka, we knew something had to be done. Sadly, the only solution was to have his leg removed. At almost the same time, Kajeeka’s left eye became infected. We knew since it wasn’t functioning it would be much more comfortable for her to have it removed. Both recovered remarkably fast. Their disabilities don’t prevent them from playing, climbing perches or wrestling in a box filled with catnip. But their favorite pastime is curling up together for an afternoon nap. They enjoy each other’s company so much, they’re inseparable – companions for life!

Their sweet story is a perfect display of true love for this Valentine’s Day! Show someone you love them by sharing George and Kajeeka’s story of ‘Lynx Love.’ Your gift of compassion can be shared with a loved one for a $25 donation. We’ll send you or your loved one a ‘Lynx Love’ Valentine greeting card with this fullcolor photo of George and Kajeeka and their story of love. The inside message also tells the recipient that a donation was made with love in their honor.

Orders must be received by February 7th to
guarantee delivery by February 14th.

Valentines can be ordered with a credit card on the WS online store

Don't forget the Friday Ark at Modulator.

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