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Monday, May 25, 2009


ManCat Monday: a nap after birding

Some of my friends have stopped by and asked what's up with me, because it's been quite a while since I posted anything. Well, I've just been hanging around like any cat would, indulging in my favorite hobbies--birding and napping. Yes, it's finally spring here. The snow's been gone for some time, and there are birds singing constantly. That's one reason why I'm napping now. Every day I get up before dawn and station myself by the window so that I can listen to the birds. The cardinals are particularly loud; I like to imagine them filling their nests with tasty little baby cardinals right now.

After I've been bird watching for a few hours, my humans finally wake up and give me my morning meal. Then I go outside and sit in my backyard for a while, but before long I need to take my midday nap. I am a mature cat, and I need my rest! I usually go out again in the afternoon and watch for the chipmunks that live under the back steps. It's a pretty good life.

So hello to all you cats and catted ones. I promise to write more often and visit your blogs.


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