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Thursday, October 26, 2006


You want me to wear WHAT?

When I saw this thing sitting on the hassock, it appeared to be another cat--a fluffy, black furball of a feline. Oh, no, I thought. They've gotten another cat! I couldn't believe that my humans would do that to me, after all the hours I've invested in hunting rodents and keeping their furniture well covered in fur.

But it turned out that it was almost worse than another cat--they actually wanted me to wear the furry thing as a Halloween costume. The nerve!

Isn't my own silky white and beige coat good enough?

Silly humans! One of them will just have to wear the thing. I'm out of here!

I'll bet that a lot of silly humans are going to be trying to dress up their pets for Halloween. If that's your thing, check out the Friday Ark and this Sunday's Carnival of the Cats, over at Watermark.


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