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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Wine for cats?

The Wildcat Sanctuary, one of my favorite charities, has come up with a new fundraising idea--commemorative wine. The latest edition of their newsletter explains:
This year we will be selling three varieties of commemorative table wine. Each bottle has a specially designed label paying tribute to TWS' beloved Bengal tiger, Meme. Meme's Memory will be available for $20 a bottle or collect all three varieties for $50.

Wines bottled at Minnesota wineries Alexis Bailly Vineyard of Hastings and Northern Vineyards of Stillwater.

These special items can only be purchased at the venue on October 27th. Get your tickets today so you don't miss out on this special one-time only offer.

"The Venue" is the big fundraiser they are planning, called the "Jungle Boogie." Even though I'm a teetotaler where alcohol is concerned, I think this is the perfect gift for my humans.

Speaking of humans, have you heard that human females are more likely to buy wine with cute animal pictures on the label? Could that be true?


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