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Friday, September 07, 2007



I am practicing living in the moment.

I've told you before about Dharma the Cat: Philosophy with Fur--an online cartoon strip and E-Book about a wise cat whose job it is to lead a novice monk, Bodhi, on the path to enlightenment. Now Dharma's website has morphed into a blog, with a new episode posted every week. The most recent entry, "Mindfulness," illustrates the Buddhist concept of living in the moment. Dharma's comment: "When your head’s in the clouds, your feet miss the path!"

At Dharma's blog, you can also get links to funny cat videos, purchase the E-Book, and read commentaries by scholars of various faiths--Jewish, Hindu, Taoist, Muslim, and Wiccan as well as Buddhist.

Living in the moment is something all cats practice, and in time, we achieve perfection.

P.S. Wednesday, September 12 is the 5th anniversary of my Gotcha Day!

The Friday Ark is up at Modulator. On Sunday, visit the Carnival of the Cats at
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