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Saturday, August 25, 2007


Mpls. Star Tribune "Pet Central"--where are the cats?

Today the humans opened up their newspaper and found a big promotion for Pet Central.

Welcome | Pet Central: "The Star Tribune and TC Dog joined forces to create Star Tribune Pet Central. Star Tribune Pet Central's sole purpose is to celebrate the bond between people and their pets by bringing the finest writers and experts together to educate and entertain animal lovers throughout the Twin Cities."

The editor of the section, Cheri Moon, says that she used to foster homeless kittens, so I know she must love cats as much as she loves dogs. Well, almost. But the first edition of Pet Central is almost all about dogs. That just isn't fair to us cats, or to the millions of catted humans who care for us.

I gave up my email address and left a comment for Cheri, in the hope that she will rectify this situation. If you're a cat-lover (and I assume you are--otherwise why would you be reading this?) just go on over there and leave a comment for Cheri. (Registration required.)


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