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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Dishing on the real catwalk

We all know that many humans treat their pets like children, but how many treat them like fashion models? Lilly is a gorgeous young coal-black long-haired cat who really seems to get off on being dressed up. The Star Tribune gossip columnist C.J. recently interviewed Lilly and her human, Carol. There's evan a video of Lilly getting dressed, and her human talking baby talk to her.

Carol complains that someone in the neighborhood (a posh suburb of Minneapolis) has been stealing Lilly's clothes.

This was the point where I got a little upset. Apparently, Lilly runs around getting into confrontations with the local dogs and hunting mice and chipmunks. Left to our own devices, all of us felines would run around the neighborhood like that, but you know what? It's not safe. It seems contradictory for Carol to play dressup with Lilly and then let her go out and cat around like that. What does she think, she's Lindsay Lohan?

But, as for this dressing up pets trend, I don't think it's really new enough to deserve space in a gossip column. I'll bet C.J. never stopped to check on just how many humans get off on dressing their cats. I'm not talking about children, but adults. Do you know how many hits you can get on Google for "cats in clothes"? 6,570,000! And just about any random post from Stuff on My Cat is a lot more clever than someone baby-talking to her kitty.

But for more cat fun, check out the Carnival of the Cats, hosted this week at Nikita's Place.



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