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Thursday, April 06, 2006


The innate animosity of inanimate objects

In which I indulge in randomness.

I've given in to the overwhelming lure of paper bags. Random fun!

I trace my new hobby to amanuensis' attempt to amuse me while I was on strike a couple of weeks ago.

The bag is a perfect example of "the innate animosity of inanimate objects." That phrase was much heard around our house recently, as several of the major appliances in MY kitchen went randomly kerfuffle.

"The innate animosity of inanimate objects" is a popular phrase with humans who can't get stuff to work right. Seriously. You find humans from all walks of life cursing "the innate animosity of inanimate objects." Computer geeks. Plumbers. Carpenters. Pianists. Even a "consultant in ultrasonic processing." (You could look it up.)

The bag or the mouse? How to choose? Both of them just lie there, tempting me.

It's a fact: many cats engage in creative randomness at the Modulator's Friday Ark. Still more will be acting up at Sunday's Carnival of the Cats, hosted at The Scratching Post.



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