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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Into the litter box: huhudious

I love words almost as much as Aloysius loves catnip. One reason to participate in Carnivals is the opportunity to meet new bloggers and learn new words. This guy really has a way with words.

Koranteng's Toli: Huhudious (or Silly Season): Koranteng's Toli

toli: n. 1. A juicy piece of news. 2. The latest word or gossip. 3. The talk of the town, typically a salacious or risque tale of intrigue, corruption or foolishness. (Ga language, Ghana, West Africa)

Name:Koranteng Ofosu-Amaah
Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

From Ghana by way of France and England, technologist, omnivorous reader, sometime writer and music lover... oh, and I work at Lotus/IBM

Sunday, April 30, 2006
Huhudious (or Silly Season)

I can't take it any longer; there are too many huhudious things going on, this silly season has got to end. This is a cry for help. Somebody please help me, help me please. Believe me, I tried to wait until the end of May.

Huhudious Defined

huhudious adj. an outrageous statement or a point of view or behaviour that beggars belief. A close synonym to hubristic, breathtaking and preposterous, with the same notion of brazen, yet insouciant, arrogance on the part of the interlocutor. Pronounced hoo-hoo-dious, this word is a neologism from the people of Ghana, coined circa 1975 when military buffoons were looting the country's finances while claiming they were fighting corruption.


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