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Friday, July 14, 2006


Notes from Darcy X

Yo, cats and catted ones,

I've been checking out spas in the New York area, as my humans and I are probably going to make a quick trip to the Big Apple next week. (More about that to come.)

So, I got back on the thingpoddy today and guess what? I've got my own spam!

Here's what it said:
One of our agents has been trying to contact you regarding your home.

An unique situation has come to our attention regarding r a t e s and we
strongly feel you will be interested in hearing about it.

Even a lo w credit history will not be an issue if you confirm with us today.

Isn't that cute? But, hey, stupid humans, I'm a footloose feline and I don't own a house. My credit history? What do they mean? I know Katz has a gold Master Card; that's how he bought that golden bowl for Kukka. I ain't never had no credit card, though. Hmn, but maybe I'll get an offer for one.

Stay cool,


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