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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I want to drive a Jaguar

Our feline-friendly friend Andreas from California puts out a smart newsletter. Today he wrote something that really got my motor running:

Okay, it's official: The Dot Com Boom is on again.

Yep, the dotcom boom from 1998-2000 is back. Back to irrational exuberance! Lap $300 champagne out of your girlfriend's belly button! Party like it's 1999!

So, why is the boom on again? Let's look at the numbers. (And kids, we all know: "Numbers Don't Lie!")

1) Totally idiotic ideas are getting VC funding. Yep: Dogster.com got one million dollars in VC funding last week. So what is Dogster.com? Social networking for dogs. Your pooch creates his online acct, with pixs, fave things, etc., and links up with other dogs for fun and business. Sorry, dogs only.

There's also Catster.com (yep, social networking for cats, tho's cats aren't sociable.) And yes, they got funding too.

So, that totally idiotic idea for a dotcom that your unemployed brother-in-law keeps bugging you about? Write up a four-slide business plan (in PowerPoint, natch), send it to 400 VCs, and put a down payment on that gray Ferrari you've been eyeing.

The Dogster-Catster folks have a good thing going here, don't they? Well, guess what? I found out that I've got PowerPoint on my thingpoddy. Tomorrow: my business plan for Catymology.com. Next week, I'm putting a down payment on the Jaguar.


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