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Sunday, November 26, 2006


Feline paradise

The part of Ohio where we spent Thanksgiving is a feline paradise. Whether you are an indoor puddy or a free-roaming feline, you will never lack for entertainment.

In the first photo, Tater, the queen of the barnyard, looks in on Trinket. Is she gloating because she gets to be outdoors in the sunshine?

Tater likes to trot down the road. Here, she's heading home after taking an afternoon walk with an assortment of humans.

But don't feel sorry for Trinket. She has a glass-walled sun porch where she can catch a few rays and cozy up to some potted plants.

Catch more cats at the Carnival of the Cats, hosted this week by Scribblings. And don't forget that next week the Carnival will be here at Catymology.



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