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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Never look a gift lion in the mouth

Didn't I say never to look a gift cat in the mouth? Well, a cartoonist named J. Jacques has a new take on that proverb and several others. Check out the Poor Lion's Almanac at Questionable Content. Jacques posts his cartoons 5 times a week. Since he's a young dude (aren't they all?), his cast of characters includes a bunch of young dudes and dudesses, some of whom work at a coffee house named Coffee of Doom. There are also several animal characters, including Mieville the cat, of whom it is said:
Apparently he has murderous tendencies. It is unclear whether he approves of Marten or not, or whether he has committed any murders.
I wouldn't want to look Mieville in the mouth, either. But I will be checking on on Questionable Content from time to time to see what he and his friends are up to.


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