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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It's my gotcha day!

Five years ago today my humans adopted me. I was a little timid when I first came to live here. My previous human had to give me up because he was sick, and I went to live with a friend of his. All the changes of people and places made me nervous . My new temporary caregiver was nice to me, but she had a dog; I don't like dogs! And she was away at work all day and often went out with friends in the evening.

The woman knew my new human Dad from work, and when he heard I needed a new home, he mentioned it to amanuensis. She had been wanted to adopt a cat. So one evening my new human Dad picked me up and took me from the apartment where I had been living, and brought me to the new house. It was a very big house, but I quickly found some cozy places to curl up--like under the end of the comforter.

I also like to sit on the wicker stool in front of the window, and to sleep on the bed--preferably in between my humans! But what I like most about living here is that I can go out in the garden and cat around. I like to chase leaves, grasshoppers, and chipmunks, and when I get tired I can nap under a bush. And I like having a human Mom, amanuensis, who makes sure that my pictures and stories get out on the blog. I had found the best home a cat can have!


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