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Monday, November 05, 2007


Cat rescue re-enactment (a dare from Anastasia)

I got a dare from Anastasia, who wrote
I Dare You All to Dress Up Your Staff. Dress up your humans in the most ridiculous, silly, weird, comical, insane, funny, humiliating, splendid, outrageous outfit you can imagine, post their picture on your blog and put your name and the link to the post in the Mr. Linky box below.

Fortunately I had a picture that just came in over the transom: this is amanuensis' niece Lee all dressed up to re-enact her heroic rescue of Moses. Moses is cooperating nicely, and the horse, Zoe, seems totally unphazed. The humans who ride their horses during hunting season have to wear these ridiculous orange vests so that other humans--the ones with guns--won't mistake them for deer. They have to wear helmets, in case they fall off the horse and get bonked on the head. The whole costume is silly, but it's certainly improved by the presence of a cat!

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