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Friday, July 18, 2008


Oh, bother!

For the last three days, I've been barred from my back yard during the day. To make things worse, in the morning a strange human climbed up a ladder right by the bedroom window and stomped over the roof of the house and made a whole lot of noise with machines. My humans said he was painting the house, but it sounded more like he was tearing it down.

No matter how much I whined and rubbed against things, I couldn't get them to open the door as long as the man was here.

Even rubbing against my human's knee didn't help.

Finally, I went and sat on the placemats and waited for dinner. (I hear they're serving sea scallops tonight!)

P.S. I have been too busy lately to post much here, but I am going to do better now, and I am going to visit more of my cat friends every day. See you at Modulator' Friday Ark, and on Sunday, in the Carnival of the Cats at Artsy Catsy.


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