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Monday, August 28, 2006


Best of Me Symphony: the Surreal Edition

Yo, cats and catted ones,
I'm weighing in again to let you all know about The Owner's Manual: #144 Best of Me Symphony:

The Surreal Edition
The Surreal Edition

That Gary Cruse is even more of a info-hound than Katz is. Look at all of the swell tidbits he's sniffed out to decorate this wild Carnival:

The vice called surrealism is the ... use of the narcotic image [which] forces you to revise the entire universe. --Aragon

Dada is a dog -- a compass -- neither new nor a nude Japanese girl.

You rock, Cruse!

P.S. Professor Katz is snoozing, which he sure deserves to do after working like a dog all weekend on the 127th Carnival of the Cats. He even slipped in one of my little posts. Thanks, Katz!


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