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Thursday, August 03, 2006


The catted world

As occasionally required by my office of Poet Laureate in the Feline Theocracy, I offer this poem.

The Catted World

From Black Cat, Arkansas to Ben Cát, Viet Nam
The world is catted, everywhere catted.

Cat-colored places dot the globe--
Yellow Cat Draw, Colorado,
Red Cat Hill, Yorkshire,
White Cat Point, Nebraska,
Tabby Canyon, Georgia,
Gato Negro, Venezuela.

The world cats around in
Cat Corner, Tennessee,
Cat Elbow Corner, New York,
And Cat Wheel, Leicestershire.

Meanwhile, folks around Whoopie Cat Lake, Illinois
Think it’s funny living there, just because.
And residents of Cat Springs, Cat Creek, and Cat Lake, and Cat’s Water?
All counter-intuitive.

Yet cats ground the earth in
Pole Cat Landing, South Carolina,
Cat Holme, England,
Cat Claw Draw, New Mexico,
Cap-Chat, Quebec,
Cat Key, Florida,
Cat Square, North Carolina,
Çat, Turkey,
Uña de Gato, Mexico.

Yes, the world is catted, the whole world catted.
Sail on over to these catted Carnivals: Friday Ark at Modulator; Sunday, August 6: Carnival of the Cats at TBIFOC.




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