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Friday, July 21, 2006


Darcy's New York vacation, part 1

Yo, cats and catted ones! Darcy here.

I thought when I heard that we were going to the Big Apple that we would be going to some kind of a spa. You know, a Trump thing. Instead, I get here and find out I've gotta share digs with old One-eyed Jack here.

You can imagine, I was a bit put out. But it turns out that Jack is kinda cool. As you can see, he really only does have one eye. He ain't a thoroughbred like me, either. Jack told me he was born on the street in Brooklyn, which is a part of New York City. He and his brother Jake ran wild until some human guy caught them. Then, after some adventures that I still haven't had time to figure out, a human woman who lives in the Chelsea part of Manhattan ended up giving Jack and Jake a home.

Well, but somehow Jack had got a bad blow to his eye, maybe from fighting with some other young cat. Since he was pretty much wild at the time, he wouldn't let his new human take care of his wound like it should have been. His eye got infected. After a while, sad to say, it had to be removed.

But Jack has recovered, and it seems like these days he's got a pretty good life. He doesn't go travelling like me and Zeus, but he seems pretty mellow. And when he sits in his window seat, there ain't no foreign cats messing with such a tough little guy as Jack.

Well, it's been a long day already, and I haven't even begun to tell you all that I did today in New York City. I gotta sign off now, though, cause at least my humans are here, and you know what they say, the family that sleeps together, stays together.

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