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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Humantide: Carnival Of The Vanities - Froth Edition

The COTV ain't dead yet. It's getting on with this from Humantide: Carnival Of The Vanities - Froth Edition:
"If a Meerkat bit your 9 year old - what would you do? Darcy Xenophon presents Catymology decries cruelty to meerkats posted at Catymology, where she criticizes the zoo for killing the Meerkat that was simply pursuing it's feline imperative in biting the tasty pink morsel being offered through the fence. "
What can I say? First, I ain't a female. And second, as Katz found out for me, meerkats ain't cats. They're cute, furry mongeese. Or mongooses. Whatever, they're cute.

But whatever your gender or species I.D., be sure to check out the Carnival.


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