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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Thursday Thirteen: My 13 favorite words

  1. Catymology: The study of cats. That's what this blog is all about.
  2. Cattitude: The conviction that one is the most gorgeous, intelligent, and lovable cat in the world; a state of mind common among those of the feline persuasion.
  3. Catted: To be sat upon--or "owned" by--a cat; a state most desirable in humans.
  4. Catymology: A religion devoted to celebrating the feline in us all. I know I already said "Catymology," but a good word deserves repetition. Besides, I invented Catymology.
  5. Ailurophilia: A fondness for cats bordering upon obsession, often observed among the catted. Among Catymologists, ailurophilia is a state of grace.
  6. Randomness: Going from one thought or thing to another with no preconceived structure in mind; the dedicated pursuit of randomness is a sacrament of Catymology.
  7. Concatenate: To string together; virtually all cats enjoy concatenating naps. We're also good at stringing together our thoughts, as the prevalence of the Thursday 13 meme proves.
  8. Catalepsy: A state of inertia, often induced by being catted. It's important for a cat to know where his or her humans are at all times, so catalepsy is to be encouraged.
  9. Blogoverse: The universe of weblogs. I enjoy being part of the blogoverse--and a very imporant part of it, too! (See "Cattitude.")
  10. Catblogging: The act of posting cute pictures of cats on one's weblog; the exponential increase in catblogging is proof that Catymology is the fastest growing religion in the blogoverse.
  11. Thingpoddy: An electronic communications device, such as a Blackberry, a personal digital assistant (PDA), a computer, etc.; without thingpoddies, there would be no catblogging, and hence, no Catymology.
  12. Carnival: A concatenation of links to posts relating to a prescribed subject--for example the Carnival of the Cats (appropriately, this Sunday at Justin's Random Thoughts) or the Friday Ark. Although cats are often accused of being antisocial, we love getting together--virtually--in Carnivals!
  13. Blogiversary: The yearly anniversary of the establishment of a blog. Catymology's blogiversary is coming up on October 6. If you have ideas for how I should celebrate, please leave a comment.



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