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Sunday, December 03, 2006


Catymology: Carnival of the Cats #141

Welcome to the 141st Carnival of the Cats. There's been a cold snap and, I hear, snow throughout the middle of the US. I hope that hasn't kept you cats and catted ones away from your blogs. Me? I've been taking a little nap. Which gave Darcy Xenophon the opportunity to get in a few words about his favorite posts of the week.

Bad cats -- curated by Darcy Xenophon

Yo, cats and catted ones! Darcy here, with my own private selection of the baddest cats of the week:

To start us off, Keeskennis throws up a slideshow of Kitty Kats doing stuff that even I'd never do. By his own admission, he stole this show from Bad Tempered Zombie. That explains a lot, doesn't it?

You say your internet service is kind of fuzzy? Maybe it's because someone's been snoozin' on the DSL modem.

Trust me: cars, alcohol, and drugs don't mix. Just ask Baboon Pirate: Fear & Loathing In The Litter Box. But it's not just us felines who act out. Check this out: Japanese Cat Sucking.

How does one uppity cat greet another? Manz Mnews suggests a quick Sniff and Swat.

Okay, most cats like skritches most of the time, right? Not necessarily. Sometimes all a human can expect is Move Along, Chum or Don't Touch Me!.

Yeah, I know Xmas is coming, dude, but Ostara says: why wait? What'd ya bring me?

Smudge has decided *not* to go on hiatus: Friday Cat Blogging: You Got a Problem With That? Why so grumpy? Okay, okay we'll send treats.

Can't we just all get along? Apparently not, as there's No sharing this flannel bed.

Here's a sport I can get behind: Rascal indulges in Couch Wrestling.

Cats got opinions, okay? You bet we do. Cats with opinions on politics will just eat up these two posts from Sissy Willis: "Now that the media's paying attention" and "I want another chiquita to go with me",

Aloysius says:
Hey Darcy! I'm taking the blog back now.

It's time for a little kitty love and sunshine to chase away all the humans' woes.

But first, the Church of Catymology--which celebrates the feline in us all--presents the following with our prayers and good wishes. Texas Oasis has an Update on Alex and Duncan, both of whom have had health problems recently.

I had just been looking at the phenomenon of library cats. Now, Mr. Toast reports on the death of one of the most famous of them: Dewey Readmore Books, Library Cat. Rest in Peace, Dewey!

It's time for more kitty love. Mister Gato shows how it's done: Now, that's love.

When you're feeling a bit groggy, there's nothing like a couple of Cute Cats!, whose antics will keep you on your toes.

What can I say about The trials of an ageing cat.. plus? Just too darling.

Bentley hits the cuteness jackpot, bigtime. Yes, will do tricks for catnip. I mean, who wouldn't?

Xena and Kai demonstrate Climbing and Balance: A Kitten's Guide--with mixed results.

Even in the midst of a winter storm, a cat can remind you what it means to be Peaceful.

Just sitting around looking cute can be an end in itself. But don't take my word for it. It's RIGHT NEIGHBORLY at Elison's house.

You say your business is lagging? Get a shop cat! Shop cats draw attention in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and also in France.

Love is in the air--still--at Mélange. Mr. Rhett pines for his Sophie: Diamonds Of The Eye.

PJ has a whole new bag: Friday Cat Blogging.

Rahel meets Friday Cats. This one's all dressed up.

Seems to be a new meme--catbloggers CHALLENGE each other; but wait, it's all for good causes.

Remember, when shopping for holiday gifts: It’s all about the presentation.

But, Ferdinand T. Cat warns, watch out for The Ribbon Problem.

If you're getting carpal tunnel syndrome from too much blogging, please consult the editor.

GrrlScientist posts photos contributed by her readers, including this one: Thank Dog It's Caturday! Oh, for cute.

We lucky domestic cats give and receive unconditional love. The least humans can do is to be kind to the less fortunate, for instance, by feeding a Feral 'Twixt the Dumpsters.

Yet another blogger discovers that My Cats Are Buddhists. I hope she’s met my buddy, Dharma.

Cats rule. We know that. Okay, so say, your partner is allergic to cats. What about getting a robotic feline? Watermark has a product review: Kitty Mascot.

It's what's not for dinner: Kitty Loaf.

No showdowns at StrangeRanger: Mostly Peaceful Evening.

Helping out around the yard is so tiring, but you could always take a Dust Bath.

What can this mean? I'm not sure, but Feline Friday: Window in the cat certainly is a lovely picture.

With all the snow that's been falling, I'd like to recommend we all try Feline Friday on Saturday: Kosmo's New Bed.

Here's something we definitely won't try at home: Traveling With Pets.

When the snow is flying, there's always Friday Catblogging and the opportunity to warm up to the fire.

It's a Mind of Mog attack! Meowza muses on WordPress Quirks, presents Tummy Tuesday #19 and then invents Mind of Mog » Tongue ‘n Toes Thursday.

Laura Lee Donoho presents Toni's the Best Medicine posted at The Wide Awake Cafe.

And finally, a would-be immigrant submits his cat's recommendation.
I can't think of anything better. And I think that I can speak for a few members of my species when I say that we know who our friends are. Let’s hope that those who wish to be Americans will help us all to better understand what that means.



UPDATE: 12/4/06: I regret that Tacjammer's submission got lost this week, cause it's important: I'm pleased to report that Mycah's operation went well.

Next week’s Carnival of the Cats will be at House of Mostly Black Cats.


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