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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Who's got the hostiness?

I just found out that Public Radio is running an American Idol-type contest to find the next great public radio host--the Public Radio Talent Quest. This sounds too good to be true, but it's real. The come-on reads:

Do you have what it takes to be public radio's next great host? Do you have that most elusive of qualities - hostiness?

Hostiness was a new concept to me, but it's obvious that cats make the best hosts. Among the requirements: entrants must never have hosted a national radio show. (I guess that leaves out Don Imus.) But nowhere does it say that you have to be human to enter. I think I've got the hostiness thing down. Among my hostiest posts:

Now, here are a few more examples of my hostiness:

This is Denali, a young horse who lives with amanuensis' relatives in Ohio. Denali is very friendly. A few weeks ago, she scraped her leg and has to take a break from training her human to ride her. I'm purring for Denali to get better soon.

This handsome ginger cat also lives in Ohio. She's trying to butter up my human.

And this is Jago, also from Ohio. Her humans rescued her after they found her running wild in the woods. They are very good humans! (That's my male human in the baseball cap, scritching Jago.)

Enjoy more hostiness on the Friday Ark at Modulator, and in Sunday 's Carnival of the Cats at When Cats Attack. I sure hope those "seven meowers of death" are feeling hosty.

Update, 5/4/07: I began getting referrals to this post from the Talent Quest website. They've got a widget that shows who's talking about the contest. Cool!

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