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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Wildcat Wednesday

News from the Wildcat Sanctuary: Baby Shalico Grows Up

Shalico was surrendered by a college student who ordered him off the internet when he was just weeks old. Over the winter, Shalico grew and has really come into his own. Recently, it was time to introduce him to his own kind. Kitty, an older female lynx met Shalico and wasn't all that impressed. She felt he was too rowdy and didn't respect her personal space. But little by little they learned how to co-habitate and can be found lying back to back during naps.

Less than a month ago, we received Ramsey, a 3-year-old Canadian lynx, who was living in a condo near Washington DC. The owner chose to surrender Ramsey because he was destroying the house and was a threat to visitors. At TWS, Ramsey will get to experience what life is like as a lynx for the first time.

Ramsey was introduced to Shalico and Kitty. Much like Kitty, Ramsey thought Shalico had too much energy but he decided he could deal with it. All three moved outside into a new habitat this past weekend. Ramsey was nervous of his cougar neighbors but curled up in a summer den. Kitty investigated all the surrounding cougars and bobcats while Shalico thought he had gone to heaven. He ran from one side of the enclosure to the other, he chased his neighbors through a shared wall and was in motion for hours.

Though Shalico seemed to enjoy his first day as an adult lynx, he didn't want to leave behind being a kitten all together. He still wanted his baby blanket (pictured) for his first few days out.


The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota, works to save my cousins, the big cats.

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