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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Thursday Thirteen: cat art

My house is filled with cat art and catty crafts. I had no trouble at all finding thirteen different examples--and it seems that's only the tip of the cat-berg!

1. My humans bought this painted pottery cat on a trip to Mexico.

2. Amanuensis received the Budda Cat statue as a Christmas gift.

3. My human friend Kathleen took the photograph of Truffaut, who lived with my humans before I came along. He was a particularly handsome fellow, don't you think?

4. The painted wooden cat statue was another Christmas gift.

5. Also on top of the wardrobe in amanuensis' office, there's this sort of intimidating stuffed Santa Cat.

6. Amanuensis printed up this broadside of an ancient Egyptian poem in praise of the Great Cat. I like to think that I'm a latter-day embodiment of the Great Cat myself. But I'll bet every cat has had that thought!

7. Here's the front of a T-shirt that my humans bought in New Orleans. They were lucky enough to visit the city long before Hurricane Katrina. Jazz cats are cool!

8. Who doesn't want a cat-shaped blackboard to write the grocery list on? Amanuensis' sister gave her this one several years ago.

9. This wooden cat puppet sits on top of the microwave in my kitchen.

10. Also up there is a painted gourd with the image of a cat--a very fat cat.

11. A pottery cat lurks among the plants next to a sunny window.

12. Kathleen gave us this trivet with two pear-shaped tuxedo cats.

13. Amanuensis' sister also gave her the hand-screened silk wall hanging of a cat in the director's chair.

You'll find lots more Thursday Thirteens at the official meme hub. P.S. The Friday Ark #148 is up at Modulator. This Sunday's Carnival of the Cats will be hosted at IFOC.



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