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Friday, December 21, 2007


Winter solstice wishes

Warm wishes for a festive Winter Solstice!

In case you missed my Winter Solstice poem, here it is again:

A pear-shaped cat contemplates the Winter Solstice

The shortest of days has come again
Freezing rain and darkness falling
The humans keep a candle burning
To call the sunlight back to earth

Later, they’ll go to bed and dream
Of peace for earth and all its creatures
While I keep watch throughout the night
My eyes refracting paradise.

The winter solstice takes place today or early tomorrow morning. Here in the North American Central Time Zone, it will be at 12:08 a.m. December 22. Lots more about the Solstice is at Candlegrove.

Visit all the other creatures at Modulator's Friday Ark. Missy, KC and Bear will host the Carnival of the Cats on Sunday.



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