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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Ohio cats weather the storm

*Over the weekend, there was a big blizzard in Ohio, where my niece Lee lives. But in the barn where these cats rule, everyone was toasty and warm. Since it's Tabby Tuesday, we'll lead off with Scamp, the orange tabby, and her sister, Sissy. Of course, they both tucked their feet underneath their tummies and curled their tails round.

Now, here's Tater, who technically belongs to the neighbors, but decided some time ago that she'd rather live in this nice warm barn with all the other critters. Is Tater trying to win the straw poll?

* Tuesday is Aloysius' day to simply be a cat, but he left instructions for his humans to fill in for him. Thanks to Lee for sending these pictures!

P.S. We were running around all weekend and did not take note of the most recent carnivals. The Modulator had the Friday Ark--an amazing ongoing roundup for every species imaginable. And Rocky at Artsy Catsy overcame dizziness and did a splendid job of hosting Carnival of the Cats # 208.

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