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Friday, July 17, 2009


Timber Tiger

The timber tiger is what I seek.
His stripes are bold; his bulging cheek

Is filled with nuts and seeds and bird eggs
And bugs and worms and even frog legs!

I can hear him chittering.
Underneath the steps he’s skittering.

I know if I am very still
I’ll have a chance to make a kill.

And what else to do on a cloudy day
But lie on the patio and dream of prey?


Now, for the Modulator's Friday Ark. And on Sunday, the Carnival of the Cats at Meowza.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009


Hunting in the dark

I love to be out on the patio at dusk. Not only does my fur contrast nicely with the red flowers, but I can hear those chipmunks rustling around underneath the foliage. I wish I could go in and out all night, but eventually my humans want to go to bed and make me come in. Silly humans!

See more cats at Modulator's Friday Ark and at Sunday's Carnival of the Cat--hosted by the M-Cats Club,

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