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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Into the litter box: Found poetry in spam… Yummy food for catymology!

Sometimes a cat just has to get into the trash. I’ve discovered where amanuensis keeps hers, and I’m rolling in reams of heavenly spam! What’s more, I’ve turned up many starving surrealist poets struggling to support themselves by offering for sale remedies from Ambien to Xanax. Being somewhat surreal myself, I appreciate their efforts and have started concatenating them to form the ultimate epic WWW poem. For I do agree with the great Lautréamont: "poetry must be made by all and not by one."*

Part 1: Absent be Jackson

absent be Jackson, some anti
and lefty, Marj but stencil

In tell an assertive pasteboard
Or effectual, orthogonal be Rhianon
it's sun, ember the Worthy
not gluey, Burnaby on loeil
grotesque distinguishable
metallurgy in koinonia, it Astrix
He put so countermarch
inhale salesroom
in civet womanhood, it's Christal
booty eruptive
To travel my gelding

absent be Jackson, some anti
and lefty, Marj but stencil

soph unpunished
rostrate electrocute
tranship miscast
boskage gopher
psychic in Stacie, the astronomer
censor sideburns
gory be decorticate, and Reynard
in helmholtz, Teresita a
beaux tornado
on tell go georgian violence
To rain my presidential

absent be Jackson, some anti
and lefty, Marj but stencil

* More info: “Exquisite Corpse.”




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it is good to see the old tricks put to modern uses.

here is my own spam line contribution to your next creation:

'Having consulted with my colleagues'

here is my own twist:

Think of this as an Evil Clown Exquisite Corpse
Exquisite Corpse – Excellent Cadavers - Cadavre Exquis

Litotes The Clown

By Blogger Litotes The Clown, at 1:53 PM  

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