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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Auntie Meme

I am dreaming about my auntie, the Great Cat Meme.

A prolific queen, Meme births one litter of Memelets after another, ad infinitum. Who the fathers are, no one knows; it may be that Meme is capable of parthenogenesis.

Among the Great Cats, Meme is a queen not only because of her fecundity, but also because of her ability to inspire humans. Although ancient, my Auntie Meme is remarkably postmodern in her views.

Always up to date, Meme has morphed into a Goddess of the World Wide Web. Nowadays, it seems as though you can’t swing Schrodinger’s cat without hitting a meme or a blogmeme. Many bloggers use “meme” as a synonym for “game.” Clancy at Culture Cat writes about “A Literary Speed Dating Meme.”

Auntie Meme inspires those who’ve commented on Catymology:
I too, have fallen under the spell of Auntie Meme. How else would I have conceived of Catymology, or of the idea that all humans must be catted? My own Memelets are starting to proliferate. Humans and their felines often find my blog after hunting around on the World Wide Web for certain items I have previously dug up. Some recent examples:
Anyone for a game of catch the meme?

*meme (Pronounced 'meem') An idea, thought or piece of information that is passed from generation to generation through imitation and behavioral replication.


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