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Monday, October 02, 2006


Carnivals roll on

Celebrating Carnival excellence:

The Owner's Manual: #149 Best of Me Symphony has a brand new look and a spiffy new motto: "Under a bleedin' cyber tree ... bloggy wordsmiths fair ... bang their keyboards clickily ... and you are there ." Oh, yeah it's got Darcy's post above the fold, but the best post is Mad Pigeon's offer to sell the Iranian regime on eBay.

Carnival of the Cats # 132 is up at Pet's Garden Blog, and a very cool edition it is, too.

Last week, the Carnival of the Vanities went home to roost at Silflay Hraka, where our intrepid editor, Kehaar, has sifted through the posts. Editing--what a good idea!

Mark Rayner continues his superhuman effort at the Carnival of Satire, where editing is expected.


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