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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Monday Cats Blogosphere Roundup

I wondered where all the traffic was coming from today. It turns out that Franny Syufy, who writes the Cats column for About.com, kindly mentioned the 141st Carnival of the Cats in her Monday Cats Blogosphere Roundup:

There's lots of activity ramping up with the world of blogging cats. I just thought I'd share some of the conversation I've found on some favorite cat blogs:

* Luxor, the Whitest (cat) Boy, paws about What I Want for Christmas
* Avram, over at New Cat City, posts One of my Favorite Things, which is something he seems to do a lot.
* Aloysius, at Catymology, is hosting Carnival of the Cats, which is a cat blogosphere all in its own right.
* Derby, the Sassy Cat, gives a weekend roundup. He had company, got to help with some cro-shay project, and generally had a typical catstyle weekend.
* Timothy Dickens is still recovering from Thanksgiving, but oh well, he never claimed to blog daily.

Thanks, Franny!


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