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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Ownership v. Guardianship

In some places it's the law that humans do not own us. The repurrcusions of this change could be enormous.

NABR Animal Law ┬žection - Ownership v. Guardianship:
The effort by activist groups to change the term 'owner' to 'guardian' in local ordinances and state laws relating to pets continues in a number of jurisdictions. While this campaign is marketed as a feel-good exercise, this 'simple' change in language elevates animals above their current status as property - with potentially enormous legal implications.

There are 15 cities, towns and counties that have adopted such an ordinance. One state, Rhode Island, has included similar language in its constitution.

Also, the term "pet" could be replaced by "companion animal." Maybe "animal friend" would be good for everyday use.



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