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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


3 annoying things on Tuesday

Aloysius is out enjoying his new grass. I think he's eating it. Perhaps he thinks he's a sheep? Since it's Tuesday, he gets to be whatever kind of animal he wants, while I indulge in a brief rant. Three annoyances:

1. Some person or persons continually drop little plastic bags full of doggy do into my garbage cart. It's good that they pick up after their dogs, but the bags of doggy do stick to the bottom of the cart and stink.

2. I live in a (fairly) a well-organized midwestern city which has rules about the dumping of garbage. City Ordinance 225.10 states in part: "No person shall leave, throw, or deposit, or use or permit any other person to leave, place, throw, or deposit, any substances or materials of any kind at a city solid waste collection point…for city disposal when the substances or materials were generated at a location other than the residence."

I have actually thought about calling my city councilmember's office to see what she can do to stop people from dropping little plastic bags full of doggy do in my garbage cart. Maybe I should get a life?

3. I've also wondered about the fact that many shops persist in putting a single item (a box of mints, a bottle of ibuprofin) into a plastic bag. If there were no plastic bags, people would not be putting their doggy do into them in the first place. But perhaps then they wouldn't pick up after their dogs.



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