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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Pet-Abuse.com fights cruelty to animals

Amanuensis got an email from her friend Jan, who is as big an animal lover as she is. Jan said to look at a website called Pet-Abuse.com:

The website I am giving you is NOT for the faint of heart. It is set up much like 'America's Most Wanted' - this site ID's and follows animal abuse stories and encourages the public to write whatever court for tougher sentencing, as well as keeping track of perpetrators.

The human who started this site, Alison Gianotto, tells her own story. Some evil human kidnapped her cat Bert and set him on fire. Bert died despite three days in intensive care. The cat killer was never caught. Now Alison gets other humans to volunteer to help make it illegal to abuse animals. I think this is a fine idea, and I'm sending her lots of purrs.

P.S. to Jan: if you send me a picture of your dog, he can be a guest on Catymology. I don't discriminate on the basis of species.



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