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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Put it on the cat!

Several of you have already commented on your favorite pieces of "cat art" that I posted on Thursday. So far, the Cat Chalk Board has the most votes. You can vote for your favorite by commenting. I'd really like to know what you think.

One thing I forgot to mention: when my humans run out of things, one of them usually reminds the other to make a note of it. So, in our house, it's not unusual to hear stuff like:

"Put marmalade on the cat."

"Put garbage bags on the cat."

"Put TP on the cat."

Ouch! I guess they don't really need to be reminded to put tuna on the cat, or to put raw beefsteak on the cat.

Hey, guys and gals! Put Carnival of the Cats on the cat! It's over at IFOC. And I just found out about the Bad Kitty Cats Chaos Festival, 2nd edition hosted at Pet's Garden Blog. Better put kitty litter on the cat, too.



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