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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Wildcat Wednesday: TWS' New Bobcat Bundle

The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota, sends this news about some of their new residents:

Meet Maya

An individual, who realized it was illegal for him to keep her, surrendered Maya, a 7-week-old bobcat kitten, to TWS. She's a strong little girl and a very good eater. Dr. Baillie gave her a clean bill of health and she is making herself right at home. Though it will be months before she is big enough to be with other bobcats, she has made friends with several of the Bengal domestic cats at the Sanctuary. Soon she will grow into a well-adjusted bobcat and live with others of her species. We're happy to provide Maya with a lifetime of compassion and care.

Athena Arrives

A gentleman in California illegally owned Athena. The owner refused to provide much information on Athena because he was concerned California Fish and Game would prosecute him. A sister sanctuary in California offered to pick up Athena, bring her to their vet and then send her to TWS. Two sanctuaries put time and money into saving Athena as the owner washed his hands of her. Athena is about one and a half years old. She is a beautiful girl and in good health. But with all that occurred over a few short days she is understandably frightened and confused. We're doing our best to help her feel comfortable and settle in to her new home.

Their care and enclosures will be expensive. To sponsor Maya or Athena visit: http://www.wildcatsanctuary.org/adopt/Sponsorship_form.pdf



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