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Thursday, October 04, 2007


The cat according to Pablo Neruda

Ode to the Cat, from Voyages and Homecomings, by Pablo Neruda

The animals were imperfect,
unfortunate in their heads.
Little by little they
put themselves together,
making themselves a landscape,
acquiring spots, grace, flight.
The cat,
only the cat
appeared complete and proud:
he was born completely finished,
walking alone and knowing what he wanted.

Neruda's splendid poem goes on to describe the cat's many attributes: his golden eyes, his air of mystery, the way in which he polices the house. The author professes, finally, that the cat is unknowable. And he says: "everything/is too unclean/for the immaculate foot of the cat."

I'm sure all cats will agree that Neruda knew the essense of the cat. He is a great poet!

Look for the Friday Ark tomorrow and--on Sunday 10/7/2007--the Carnival of the Cats at Stranger Ranger.



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