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Sunday, April 29, 2007


Catymology: Carnival of the Cats #162

Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats, #162. Mog is only one of the many catted ones who continue to protest the Pet Food of Death. Our prayers go out to all those cats, dogs, and humans who have been touched by this tragedy.

Since today is Kitty Day, we thank the Great Cat for all of the wonderful qualities of our felines.

Intelligence and creativity . . .

Friday demonstrates remarkable paws-ability: It's Four A.M. Why aren't you up yet?.

Himalayan kittens say "Bastante Already"--and a lot more, too.

Got Cattitude? Rico Loco shows his off.

Have you seen this new meme? Seems like cats are pretty smart. Victor Tabbycat reads up on how to be a Thinking Blogger.

Baby and Tiny exhibit extraordinary supervisory skills.

Here's a cat who really is on top of things.

Smokey has a vast appreciation for his engine.

Conflict resolution . . .

Bebe encounters Conflict on a spring day.

Ferdy grumps about The Other Cat.

Amber and Mouse argue over who gets screen time.

Cat and dog compete for laptime: Furfur Cutting In.

There's no competition between a thoughtful toddler and her cat.

When it comes to sharing a cozy spot, there's always the chance of a feline-canine face-off.

Tiny deals with an incursion.

KittyKitty drops by for some loving, much to the chagrin of the resident felines.

While Meoza is out, Izzy and Bazel have a bit of a dust-up. And with multiple cats in Mog's house, who wouldn't expect the occasional ruckus?

Physical prowess . . .

Maggie the Ragdoll cutie practices for the cat olympics. (Oh, she looks a lot like me!)

Miss Chloe exhibits remarkable form--in upright sleeping.

Remarkable powers of recovery . . .

Bad Kitty cats succumb an epidemic of Tail Woes. Ouch!

As if that’s not enough, TeaCup Is In The Hospital And Headline News.

Adorably adoptable . . .

Adorable little Oscar seeks a forever home in south Florida.

Kittens: you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them—especially these 5 Brats, who are only a week old, but will soon be ready to own their own humans.

Entertaining . . .

Gracie instructs Ping in the finer points of tunneling.

Prince Henry ascends to the throne.

The very au courant Mister Gato stars in Un homage a les LOLcats.

Parker proclaims herself The Champion of the Nip Fest!.

China Cat prefers the grass. And both China Cat and Willow settle in for treats.

Tigger and SonnyBob love their cat teaser.

Morris is simply bowled over by Springtime.

Mysterious . . .

After helping his human with her work, Pepi gets a New Nickname.

But Mew has decided she wants to stick with traditiion.

The friendly neighborhood calico reveals her name.

Bean Sidhe, one might say, is hygienically challenged.

Just sitting around looking gorgeous . . .

Bagheera is a natural for Chiaroscuro. Huckleberry looks blissed out.

Looking for THE PERFECT ACCESSORY? Try one of these.

And Miss Marilyn shows us her gorgeous tummy; she also wishes us happy trails. Meanwhile, some pedigreed Illiniois cats show off their form.

Isabel basks in sunshine and admiration.

Every view looks better with a cat in it.

Someone's really glad that Mom's home.

Sabby and Captain are waiting loyally.

K T Cat has no motivation, but looks regal anyway.

Whew! That was a lot of work. Thanks to everyone who sent their entries. Now it's time for a little relaxation.

Be sure to check the Carnival of the Cats home page for next week's Carnival host.



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