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Thursday, April 12, 2007


A letter from Mowgli

This is Mowgli, a new friend of mine. (Mowgli, as you may recall, was a human child who was adopted by wolves in Kipling's Jungle Book.) Mowgli, the cat, is very smart and is an excellent PR agent:

Hi, Aloysius,

I'm a Himalayan cat, so, as you can tell from my picture, I combine the best qualities of a Siamese and a Persian.

I live in Arlington, Virginia, with my parents, Rick and Farnell. They always keep my bowl full, and they even play with me every evening, so I have a pretty easy life. I love running up and down stairs, so it's great that we live in a four-story townhome.

My favorite plaything is a 12-foot long ribbon that I often carry with me around the house. Whenever I do I get so excited I yowl. Sometimes I do this in the middle of the night. Rick always sleeps through it, but Farnell usually wakes up and says things that aren't very nice.

I used to like getting cat hair on everything, but it's not so much fun since Rick and Farnell discovered the "gonzo sponge" that removes cat hair from just about anything. I've had to resort to coming up to them just as they're sitting down to dinner. I try to look as cute as I can, and they can't keep themselves from petting me. Before they know it, they're chewing cat hair along with their dinner.

Rick is a freelance writer who writes annual reports, brochures, articles, and a ton of other stuff for businesses and nonprofits. ( He always likes it when I mention that his website is at http://www.holton.cc.)


"If you have a MOUSE, I can help you EAT IT."®

Mowgli | Scratching for Results®

Mowgli's going to board the Friday Ark this week at Modulator, and also the Carnival of the Cats, hosted on Sunday at Books for Israel .



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