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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


News from the Wildcat Sanctuary

The latest newsletter from our friends at the Wildcat Sanctuary tells of the rescue of the beautiful Bengal Cat, Mystique:

TWS received an email from a concerned individual in Arizona who saw a posting on Craig's list for an F1 Bengal Cat being offered free to a good home. TWS contacted the owner immediately offering sanctuary for Mystique. Information we received revealed what a difficult life Mystique has endured. "Due to breaking my back in a car accident, I don't feel as if this is the proper place for her. When I got her she was housed in total darkness all the time in over 100 degree weather. I believe she has been passed around to many different breeders and has been neglected and abused and way over bred every where she has gone till I got her. She doesn't like brooms due to past abuse. She lost her ears to another Bengal cat as a kitten."

Mystique is a very calm girl. She hasn't hissed once since she arrived, but will hide if a caregiver gets too close. Mystique will get to live in cooler temperatures with an outdoor habitat and indoor heated building. After she is spayed, she will be introduced to the other F1 Bengals at the sanctuary.



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