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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Tablecat returns

It's a rainy Saturday. I have nothing better to do than to occupy tables. I am Tablecat!

This week's Friday Ark is over at Modulator. On Sunday, Victor Tabbycat hosts the Carnival of the Cats.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Kiki and Precious

My human amanuensis visited Kathleen this week--Kathleen being the wonderful human who feeds me when my own humans are out of town. I was a little put out by what she brought back with her, as I always am when I find out she's been consorting with foreign cats.
Precious is the senior cat in the household. Here, she's about to settle into her comfy bed.

Kiki is a rescued cat that Kathleen accepted from one of her clients. Kiki likes to climb, and (unlike Precious), she likes to pose for the camera.

Kiki is very social--even with birds!

Maybe you can see Kiki's foot in this closeup. See that big kitty toe sticking up? She's a polydactyl cat!

The Friday Ark will be at Modulator, as usual. And the Carnival of the Cats is at Mind of Mog on Sunday.


Friday, June 06, 2008


Calico blues

I looked out the window, and what did I see?
That calico foreign cat looking in at me!
Lying on the sidewalk, cool as could be,
She had nothing better to do than laugh at me.

I got the calico blues.
I said the calico blues.

She was calm and collected, not a whisker twitching.
I wanted to jump out there and give her a licking.
I was hissing and growling to defend my territory,
But the calico cat had a different story.

I got the calico blues.
I said the calico blues.

She jumped up and stalked off, that sly little cat,
I was growling at nothing and itching for combat.
But I'll just have to wait for another day,
To catch that calico and send her on her way.

I got the calico blues.
I said the calico blues.

We'll be joining the Friday Ark today and on Sunday, the Carnival of the Cats will be at Pet's Garden Blog.

Update: 6/9/08. Pet, of Pet's Garden Blog, has been feeling poorly. The Carnival of the Cats # 221 appears at ... the Carnival of the Cats. Thanks, Robyn.

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