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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Great Feline Authors: Funny Cats

The Cat is in the Director's Chair

Funny Cats

Edited by J.C. Suares
Test by Jane Martin
Welcome Enterprises, 1995

One of the perks of being a feline author is that my more ailurophiliac friends have started giving me books by and about felines. (Thanks, Rick!) It's obvious what's going on in this 1945 photo by an unknown artist: the cat is in the director's chair, so to speak.

This book is an inspriation to cat bloggers everywere. The black-and-white photos are top quality, many by well-known photographers. Jane Martin's witty text is filled with tasty morsels about the cat models and their catted ones. Be sure to seek out other books by J.C. Suares, too, such as The Illustrated Cat and The Literary Cat.

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