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Thursday, March 23, 2006


I'm on strike

Among the many indignities that members of my species must endure, one of the most trying is the thing humans call "Winter." I have heard that the vernal equinox actually occured a few days ago. The equinox is supposed to mark the beginning of Spring, and Spring is when felines experience the urge to go out and--well--cat about. Doggone it! I just want to be a cat.

As you can see from the totally white background outside, the "outdoors" is still full of snow here in Minnesota. Amanuensis says not to get het up. She even tried to pacify me with a paper bag full of catnip.

It's as if I never thought about snowclones, and didn't know that in some languages, there are 121 words for the useless white stuff. I can't trot about in that white stuff. It would get stuck in the fur on the bottom of my paws.

So I've told amanuensis that until she MAKES THE WHITE STUFF GO AWAY, I won't be participating. I'm on strike. You'll be hearing from my union's business officer soon, who will be presenting further demands.

Yours in solidarity,

Aloysius Katz

P.S. Modulator has posted another entertaining edition of Friday Ark.
On Sunday, more cats blog at Carnival of the Cats, hosted by Scribblings.



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2 Old Comments:

The catbutt in a bag photo would look nice in the COTC banner, don't you agree? Let me know. -ls

By Blogger Laurence, at 2:07 PM  

Are you trying to butter me up, Laurence?

By Blogger Aloysius, at 5:28 PM  

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