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Thursday, June 08, 2006



I'm not old enough in human years to remember the salad days of the small press, but amanuensis says that humans were passing out free copies of their friends' poems and their own on every street corner. Sort of reminds you of blog carnivals, doesn't it?

the skwib ยป The Carnival of Satire (#37) has Darcy's riff on Spam/spam and a meat counter full of juicy funny stuff. Darcy's grammar may be a little fishy, and he may spend too much time with his head in the litterbox, but he's sort of cute, isn't he?

This weeks' Carnival of the Vanities over at Punny Money is a real lollapalooza. Catymology Central isn't represented, but we'll be back next week. And, cats and catted ones, the Carnival needs hosts. Go on over to Zeuswood's site at Harshly Mellow and sign up, already.


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