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Thursday, February 08, 2007


You gotta love me

You gotta love me, ain’t no cat above me.
Just velvet glove me. You can’t get too much of me.
Catherine Deneuve me. You gotta love me.

I’m seriously crazy, congenitally lazy,
I “epater la bourgoisie,” yowling like a banshee.
But I’m rhyming like a daisy: She loves me not, she loves me.

You gotta love me, ain’t no cat above me.

I’m a sexy meezer, a yowler and a teaser.
My heart is in a squeezer. Gonna have a seizure.
But I’m the anti-freezer, ain’t no nasty skeezer.

You gotta love me, ain’t no cat above me.

Say you’ll be my valentine, I don’t need no dollar sign,
Let’s us get our hearts entwined, like a watermelon vine.
I ain’t got no anodyne, please don’t break this heart of mine.

You can sit above me, but you gotta love me
Rhyming like a daisy; You love me not? You love me!

P.S. Get on board with the Friday Ark at Modulator. On Sunday, the Carnival of the Cats lands at When Cats Attack.

Update: 2/16/07: If I weren't so vain, I wouldn't have submitted this to
Carnival of the Vanities #230, where it seems that Kehaar is a little confused about feline gender issues.

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