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Thursday, June 01, 2006


My staff will get back to you

The last few days have been quite an adventure, and today was no exception.

On Tuesday, I violated my own workplace rules, when I almost worked my tail off putting together the Carnival of the Vanities. That's a real danger for a feline--unless you're a Manx. What would I do without my big, bushy tail?

Amanuensis had agreed to answer all the fan mail that arrived after the Carnival. (I'm so glad that I have amanuensis; every cat should have a private secretary.) So this morning I decided to just roll around on the patio for a while. But then the lawn guy came with a big, loud machine to cut the grass, and amanuensis made me come in.

After the lawn guy left, I got out again, but guess what? The gate wasn't latched! Amanuensis had some more work to do, and she didn't check the gate.

Now, I don't claim to be a world traveler like Darcy Xenophon, but I do like to lurk around the neighbors' house. They have a veritable jungle over there; when I can hide in their bushes, I feel just like a big wildcat.

After about an hour, amanuensis realized that the gate was open and came to get me. After a bit of an argument, I decided that it was better to go back in the yard by myself and avoid the ultimate indignity--being picked up and carried.

Once I was back in my own back yard, I just had to stop and smell the roses. Come to think of it, those lovely pink roses are more flattering to my fur than the weeds in the neighbors' yard. Now if I can just convince my humans to plant some catnip . . . and maybe hire a doorman.

If you're not too busy being a cat, check out Friday Ark at Modulator. On Sunday, the Carnival of the Cats will be at Tacjammer.



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