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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Spam from Darcy X

Once again, Aloysius is celebrating a day of simply being cat. So, I thought I'd pass along the latest from Darcy Xenophon, World Traveller, who seems to have been living pretty high on the hog.

May 20, 2006

Yo, cats and catted ones. I'm still in Hawaii.

It's so darn busy here--so many sights to see and things to do--that I almost forgot to write home. Popped over to Oahu for the Annual Dolphin Convocation. Did you know that dolphins surf? It's true.

They sure have a lot of parties in Hawaii.
A few days later, it was the 14th Annual World Samoan Fireknife Competition at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Ever had Spam sushi? Over here, they call it Spam musubi. It's full of that stinky goodness that just gets me purrin' like a Jaguar. According to one epicure:
Spam, the luncheon meat everyone loves to ridicule. Everyone, that is, but Hawaiians. Fiftieth staters consume nearly 6 million cans a year, or almost six cans for every man, woman, and child. Some call the gelatinous pink pork "Hawaii's soul food."

Man, I was pissed to find out I'd missed the 4th Annual Spam Jam on Waikiki by only a couple of days. It was April 29.

They say they had one hellacious big Spam musubi. I did pick up a souvenir postcard and found out where to go to get the best Spam sushi in town: Tamashiro Market. Oh, and a cute young Hawaiian babe gave me her grandmother's recipe:


* cook rice (da sticky kine),
* make 'em into one spam shaped block about 1"-2" high,
* t'row one slice fried spam on top, and wrap da buggah wit' nori.
* Da only hints I can 'tink of is,
* try wet yo' hands and put little bit salt on top when you stay making da musubi shape wit' da hot rice,
* and toas' da nori little bit first.

Hints from uddah peepo':

* Use da spam can and use fo mold for da rice.
* Den da slice of spam goin' fit perfect on top.
* If you can fin' furikake out dea, mix it in da rice firs.

If you want to make someone happy, now you can send Spam to your friends.

Next month I'm heading on down to Austin. No, man, not Austin, Texas--Austin, Minnesota, where the Hormel folks are putting on a great big old Spam Jam to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Spam.

I'll be heading home in time for Memorial Day. I do miss my humans, Michele and Michael! Yeowl!

P. S. Another cool tidbit: "Satan is a dork!" Best spam title of the week.



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